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Elite Home Theater Seating

Hand Crafted, Custom Made, Theater Seating at its Finest. Elite HTS is a Global Manufacturer of Ultra Luxury, Home Theater Seating for Residential and Commercial Cinemas. Proudly Made in North America.


Power Recline Included


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10 Year Warranty

Our 10 Year Warranty is proof of our extreme confidence in our product. Our heavy-duty recliner mechanism, robust chair frame, and premium foam ensure that our theater seats will last a lifetime.

Why Choose Elite HTS

We are Theater Seating Specialists. It is all we do. Comfort, Craftsmanship, Customization and Customer Service are the 4 C's which our strict Diamond Standard adheres to.

A theater chair is not defined by a simple recliner with two cupholders placed into the top of the arms. A true theater chair provides excellent ergonomic support, and is specifically designed and engineered for home theater viewing. A true theater chair provides ESCAPISM into the world you are watching on the screen. Below are additional features which set us apart from the rest.

Features: Entry Level Seating Mid-Range Seating Elite HTS Luxury Seating
Made in Canada/USA
Motorized Power Recline (10 yr Warranty on Motor)
Heavy Duty Steel Mechanism (10 yr Warranty on Mechanism)
Heavy Duty Wood Frame (10 yr Warranty on Frame)
Engineered for Residential and Commercial Use
Chiropractic Endorsed Ergonomic Support
Top Grain Italian Leather (no vinyl match)
Premium Seat Cushion Foam

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