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A Customer’s Guide to Home Theatre Seating Cushions

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When you first begin working with Elite Home Theater Seating’s team of experts and professionals to design the seating for your home theater, there are a variety of different choices you will need to make to design the theater seating that will best compliment your new or existing home theater. 

In this article, we’ll try to explain why selecting the right cushions for your home theater seating should be a high priority. The enjoyment you derive from your home theater is probably going to depend more upon the design of the cushions in your chairs than anything else. As one of our customers put it so perfectly, “The thing that makes your chairs the best is that I am so comfortable sitting in them that I am able to forget about the chair and just enjoy the movie.”

We Think Cushions Are So Important We Hired a Chiropractor to Design Them

At Elite Home Theater Seating, we’re so serious about designing the most comfortable theater seating in the world that we collaborated with noted chiropractor Dr. Grant O’Neill to create a cushion design that provides the optimal ergonomic support your back needs, while also providing the comfort you want. After years of collaboration, we settled on a dual-cushion design that allows equal weight distribution for both your thighs and buttocks, and allows a more relaxed body position. This is important because you’re not just sitting in our chairs for a few minutes – you’re sitting in them for a couple of hours at least – more if you’re showing a “double feature” – and thus the cushions in your chairs should allow you to do that comfortably.

We Use the Highest-Quality Premium Foam, in Soft, Medium, and Firm Densities

Low-quality foam can lose its shape and start to develop lumps or “bottom out” in as little as a few months. Our foam is designed to last for many years, and provide the fine balance between comfort and back support that you expect from Elite Home Theater Seating. Our cushions are available in soft, medium, and firm densities. When designing your chairs you should probably try out each one before making a final decision, but as a hint, most of our customers order the medium density cushions.

The foam itself comes with a ten-year warranty, to give you the ultimate movie experience you expect from us – not just on the first day your seating is installed in your new home theater, but for many, many years in the future.



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