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Elite Xtreme is the Theater Design Division of our parent company, Elite HTS. We are a full service design firm which specializes in custom theater room design; big or small.

We collaborate with Interior Designers, Home Theater Installers and Home Builders throughout the world. We are involved in the design process from the early conceptual stage, all the way to the Grand Opening when the popcorn starts popping.

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The Process

The Process

1. Brainstorm

The first step would be to get to know you and the vision you have for the theater environment. For example, are you imagining a traditional style theater, or rather something more modern?

2. Analyze

Before proceeding with the design phase, we would need to analyze the room in order to identify any possible issues or limitations. We would also like to create an acoustic analysis of the room as shown in this image. We request a clear blueprint or schematic of the theater room with measurements. A CAD drawing is highly preferred if it is available.

3. Conceptualize

With the ideas and information gathered from the brainstorming session, we would then start with a few rough sketches of the room, with the goal of forming a more solid vision as we move forward. Once a solid concept has been formed, we then proceed with a highly detailed, colorized version, and/or a   high- res 3D rendering of the room. This is a great way for all parties involved to visualize the room, and to maintain a consistent vision and focus throughout the entire process.

4. Design

The final concepts and renderings are then passed over to our design department. Our designers are members of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), the Audio Engineering Society (AES), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). They have participated with CEDIA and CEA standards groups to develop the educational, testing and best practices criteria for the industry. They are ISF, THX and HAA certified and have served as instructors for the Home Acoustics Alliance.

5. Build

After careful analysis and design, the complete set of constructions plans is delivered. These detailed plans include : (PDF examples can be clicked on)

  • Full CAD drawings, including Front, Rear, and Side elevations (includes recommended speaker, projector, screen manufacturers along with optimum placement)
  • Detailed top plan view, including the location of all items of the room.
  • Electrical plan, including high and low voltage elements.
  • Full framing plans, including detailed cross sections.
  • Detailed millwork and cabinet plans.
  • HVAC and Mechanical design.
  • Lighting design, including fixture specifications.
  • Color and fabric design and specifications.

6. Entertain

After many weeks (and possibly months), it’s opening night, and your Elite Xtreme Theater is finally complete. Friends and family come over to share this exciting and auspicious occasion. The lights come down and everyone is transported into a visceral experience unlike any other.

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