Elite Home Theater Seating Options Explained in Detail

Elite Home Theater Seating Options Explained in Detail

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Elite Home Theater Seating offers a range of home theater seating options. Each of our many chairs is based on a modular, “mix and match” design philosophy and that each set of chairs is custom-made for an individual client means that we offer a nearly infinite number of theater seating options.

When It Comes To Seating Options, Anything You Can Imagine, We Can Build

To get an idea of our full range of options, take a look at our award-winning Elite HTS Website. Start with our Gallery page, where we showcase a number of recent projects we’ve custom-designed and custom-built for our clients. Scroll down on that page and look at just a few of our Popular Models and Accessories and Options. Then, move to our Custom Chair Builder Tool, and step through the process of selecting the perfect arm profile, back rest, upholstery material, and cushion firmness for the theater of your dreams.

Don’t stop with just one chair. Look at our Layout Ideas page to get an idea of how individual Elite HTS chairs can be positioned in 4-seat to 19-seat (or more) layouts to fill your home theater. Note also on that page that we offer not only the most comfortable single theater chairs in the world but also loveseats and three-seat sofas. And, of course, all of these different styles can be positioned in different configurations to create an almost infinite number of final theater designs.

Whatever Style or Layout You Choose, You’ll Get the Same “Diamond Standard” Quality

At Elite Home Theater Seating, we never lose sight of the fact that while our customers may want a large variety of seating styles, what they expect from us the most is quality. To get an idea of the high standards of Comfort, Craftsmanship, Customization, and Customer Service we set for ourselves, take a final moment to look over the Diamond Standard page on our website as well. That’s where we define our commitment to you, our customers. Being the best in the business is not just about providing the largest number of home theater seating options, it’s about providing the BEST home theater seating options.



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