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Elite HTS Featured Theater Seating: Cinema-Chaise

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In most of the articles on this blog, we have emphasized the comfort of our Elite Home Theater Seating. That – plus the “Diamond Standard” quality used in our manufacturing processes – is what has made our company the most sought-after source of theater seating in the world. As comfortable as our theater chairs are, sometimes what you really want to do while watching a movie is lie down and kick back.

For these folks, Elite Home Theater Seating is pleased to offer the Cinema-Chaise. You can view it here. The Cinema-Chaise was added to the front row in this theater, and you can see a row of traditional, upright theater seating behind it.

Adding a Cinema-Chaise to Your Home Theater Adds Comfort and Flexibility to Your Viewing Experience

Elite HTS home theater chairs are famous for being comfortable while providing the back support you need to watch even the longest movie without feeling discomfort or fatigue. However, there may be movies from time to time that you want to stretch out, kick back, and recline with your friends or loved ones. The Cinema-Chaise allows you to do this, and it will blend naturally with the same style and upholstery covering as the rest of your home theater seating.

Standard dimensions of the Elite HTS Cinema-Chaise are 37 inches wide by 76 inches long, but you may select a custom style and length if you prefer. If you’re still in the middle of planning your ultimate home theater and if the flexibility of being able to either sit in a chair or stretch out on a chaise appeals to you, you might want to consider adding one or more Cinema-Chaise units to it.

Let Elite HTS help you design the perfect theater seating for your home or commercial space. We have recently added complimentary Layout Design Services for our customers, so if you need assistance or advice with the placement of chaises vs. recliners in your final design, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.


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