Custom Chair Style | Elite Home Theater Seating

Arm A : 45” (L) x 25” (h) x 6” (W)
Long sweeping lines and curves define the shape of this sporty yet elegant design.

Arm B : 45” (L) x 27” (h) x 6” (W)
Very modern, contemporary arm design that is accented with an angled, stainless steel foot.

Arm C : 36” (L) x 22” (h) x 6” (W)
A Top Seller. Short length of 36” makes it ideal for rooms with limited depth.Cupholder is positioned forward and out of the way.

Arm D : 37” (L) x 25” (h) x 6” (W)
Classic design that is accented by solid wooden legs that are available in any custom wood species or stain.

Arm F : 39” (L) x 24” (h) x 7” (W)
Hidden, Slide-Out Cupholder is the perfect solution to those who prefer an alternative to visible metal cupholders. Custom wood species and stains offered.

Arm G : 34” (L) x 28” (h) x 6” (W)
Classy, upscale design that features solid wooden legs.

Arm I : 36” (L) x 24 ” (h) x 6” (W)
Compact arm size that only measures 36” in length. Perfect for theaters with limited depth.

Arm J : 36” (L) x 25” (h) x 7” (W)
The “J” arm softly slopes back, presenting clean lines and a classy wooden accent. Shown with Black Walnut wood trim.

Arm L : 36” (L) x 24” (h) x 7” (W)
A traditional design with a modern twist. Nail heads are hammered individually by hand and are available in various finishes including copper and silver.

Arm N : 36” (L) x 22” (h) x 6” (W)
A simple, yet classic contemporary arm style that is one of our most popular designs.

Arm Q : 37” (L) x 24” (h) x 7” (W)
A versatile design that can work very well with any Western or Traditional theme.

Arm S : 30” (L) x 24” (h) x 7” (W)
A unique modern-classic design that features whimsical wooden corbels, with matching wood trim and traditional tufting. Shown with "Piano Black" wood trim.

Models and Colors

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