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Picking the Right Backrest for Your Body and Finding the Best Home Theater Seating

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If your goal is to create the best home theater seating in the world, as ours was when we first started Elite Home Theater Seating 12 years ago, you learn very quickly that you can’t design just one type of chair and assume that it’s “the best.” Why? Certain chairs may be ideal for different body types, since each person’s body is different. 

So we took a modular, “mix and match” approach to the design of our home theater seating, which you can see in action if you spend a little time investigating the Custom Chair Builder Tool on our website. It walks you through the process of designing the ultimate chair – selecting the perfect arm profile, back rest, upholstery material, and cushion firmness to create the theater seating you prefer. One section of this tool allows you to choose between nine different types of back rests – you can see illustrations of them here.

Why So Many Options…It’s Just a Back Rest, After All

We beg to differ. In an Elite HTS home theater chair or recliner, it’s never “just” a back rest, any more than your choice of the firmness you want in the seat of your chairs is “just” a seat cushion. Each choice leads to the design of a chair that reflects your sense of taste and comfort and also reflects the years that we spent collaborating with chiropractor Dr. Grant O’Neill to design the most comfortable theater seating possible. Our chairs and recliners allow you to sit comfortably but with the lumbar support your back needs.

Each of the back rest options we offer is slightly different in design but also slightly different in functionality. Some provide more lumbar support, some less. If you’re unsure about which of our back rests might be best for you, don’t feel that you have to make the decision all on your own. We now offer complimentary Layout Design Services, and these experts can help you select the back rest that is best for you.

What If My Chairs Arrive and I’m Not Comfortable with My Back Rest Choice?

Again, the modular design of our chairs eliminates this issue. Each set of back rests slip on and off of the chair backs, so they can be easily detached and sent back to us for repair or replacement. Yes, there may be a surcharge for such replacement, but that is exactly why we have provided experts in our Layout Design Services to help you make the best choice in the first place. Plus, our goal is to help you create the best theater seating you can imagine, so if you really can’t find a back rest design you like from our nine standard models, we’ll work with you to develop a customized design that you do like. It’s your dream theater, and it’s our job to help you realize that dream.



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