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The Elite HTS Diamond Standard: Understanding the 4 C’s of Exceptional Home Theater Seats

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At Elite Home Theater Seating (Elite HTS), each of our chairs must adhere to a “Diamond Standard” of quality. Just as the quality of diamonds is measured by 4 C’s (color, cut, clarity, and carat weight), Elite HTS theater chairs must exemplify our own  4 C Diamond Standard  – Comfort, Craftsmanship, Customization, and Customer Service.

C1-M Model


Although our customers’ backgrounds may vary, many have experienced the same uncomfortable cinema seat whether at home or at their local theater, and are determined to avoid this discomfort when purchasing for their residential or commercial projects. This led many of our customers to “go for the best” in their selection, and explore Elite’s Home Theater Seating options.

To meet our customer’s needs, Elite’s chairs have been ergonomically designed in collaboration with a noted chiropractor to contain the following features:

  • Precisely fine-tuned lumbar and upper back support systems,
  • Unique dual-cushion systems that provide equal weight distribution for the thighs and buttocks,
  • Premium, high quality foam that is neither too firm, nor too soft,
  • Customization options that ensure a perfect fit to our customers’ build.


At Elite, we want to offer the same high-end seating designs for private home use, as a luxury VIP theater. As a result, we guarantee that our chairs not only meet but surpass any quality criteria for home use. Craftsmanship starts with sturdy steel, and premium wood frame, designed to provide the highest standards of structural integrity and support. We cover the frames with the finest Italian leathers and quality fabrics to create the luxurious look and feel our customers demand. The internal components of our chairs integrate reliable German-engineered industrial-quality motorized recliner mechanisms, and are backed by our 10-year warranty. Finally, we use only the highest-quality cushioning foam, chosen for maximum resilience and long life, and our chairs are available in soft, medium, and firm densities to suit your personal preferences.


At Elite HTS, our seating designs are intentionally modular, which allows us to build and customize chairs for our customers by “mixing and matching” arm styles and back rests. Since all of our chairs are custom-built, we can also accommodate requests such as:

  • Exclusive one-off designs,
  • Exotic C.O.M.(Customers Own Material) fabrics and leathers,
  • Custom sizing requests,
  • Chaise Style Seating,
  • Custom storage compartments,
  • Custom touch panel and iPad module,
  • 24k Gold cup holders,
  • Custom embroidery and engraving and
  • Exotic wood species and custom staining.

Customer Service

At Elite HTS we strive to provide the highest level of customer service to our clients, whether you’re a celebrity, professional athlete, millionaire, or every-day theater aficionados. From the customization services we provide to help you lay out the seating plan for your dream theater, to the experts who help you design your dream chairs, everyone you’ll encounter will provide you with the best, personalized, premium care that you should receive when you’re buying the very best. Our customers deserve the highest-quality customer service possible, and at Elite HTS, we make sure they get it.

This, and so much more. Please contact Elite HTS directly at sales@elitehts.com or via phone at 604-575-8310 if you would like to discuss your specific custom project with a member of the Elite team.




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