White Glove Delivery and In-Home Setup Available with Your Purchase of Elite Home Theater Seating

White Glove Delivery and In-Home Setup Available with Your Purchase of Elite Home Theater Seating

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If you’re designing your dream home or commercial theater and have selected the very best movie theater chairs in the world from Elite Home Theater Seating, chances are the last thing you want to worry about is installing them yourself. Fortunately, Elite HTS can make sure you don’t have to.

Elite HTS Movie Theater Chairs Do Require Some Setup and Assembly

First, our luxury theater seating for home or commercial theaters is heavy – each chair weighs in excess of 175 pounds, so setting them up is not something that all of our customers are capable of doing themselves. Second, even though our chairs come pre-assembled with the chair arms attached to the bases, some assembly is necessary to add chair backs and cushions and secure the chairs next to one another in the desired configuration. This is done to ensure that individual chairs can fit easily through standard doorways before they are arranged into larger rows of chairs. All that is required to attach the chairs to their bases are a few standard wood screws, which we supply to you. So if you are comfortable with standard Driveway Delivery, the chances are that you or your own construction crew can install your custom Elite HTS chairs with ease.

We Provide “White Glove” Delivery and Setup

Depending on the area you live in, we can almost always offer White Glove delivery and complete setup of your Elite HTS home theater environment. There is a surcharge for this service, and it may mean that your delivery time is longer, because the logistics of professional delivery and installation can take some time.

Providing White Glove delivery and installation to our customers is just one of the many ways in which we hope to make Elite Home Theater Seating stand out and appeal to the high-end audience we hope to reach with our products. So, as you’re selecting the perfect seating for your home or commercial theater, remember to relax, because Elite Home Theater Seating is there for you.



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